Fraud actors have targeted enterprise organizations in the travel and hospitality industries and taken advantage of would-be travelers by using a myriad of fraud techniques.

According to the "The Business of Fraud: Travel, Hospitality and Loyalty Fraud" report from Recorded Future and conducted by Insikt Group, fraudsters have impersonated travel agencies, targeted loyalty program users for rewards points, and advertised falsified COVID-19 vaccination information needed for travel.

The travel and hotel industries and their users have been targeted by phishing, data breaches and impersonation. Hackers capture user and company information to find new targets or compromise the accounts of users with valuable travel rewards.

The report outlined fraud mitigation techniques that travel and hospitality security leaders can employ in their organizations:

  • Increase enterprise awareness about third-party risk and supply chain security threats
  • Keep all organizational software up to date
  • Employ email filtering technology to stop spam from reaching employees
  • Develop an incident detection and response plan reacting to fraud and cyber threats

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