After the fatal shooting at Oxford High School in November 2021, the Michigan state government formed a task force to address school safety and security.

The bipartisan House School Safety Task Force released a draft of its safety recommendations as part of a progress report, showing a focus on mental health and physical security in school facilities. According to Representatives Scott VanSingel and Luke Meerman, the task force met with multiple security organizations while developing their recommendations, including the Michigan State Police (MSP), the MSP Office of School Safety, the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan, Safe Schools for Alex and more.

The preliminary school safety recommendations include:

  • Providing additional funding for in-school health centers
  • Conducting third-party threat assessments in schools
  • Addressing school resource officer (SRO) challenges in rural areas
  • Funding security cameras and threat detection
  • Implementing a statewide information sharing framework

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