Canada’s foreign ministry has been hacked, and some services are still experiencing disruption.

Originally detected last Wednesday, the incident has left some internet and internet-based services currently unavailable, officials said. “Critical services ... are currently functioning. Some access to internet and internet-based services are currently not working,” said a statement from the Treasury Board, which has overall responsibility for government operations.

On Monday night, Canadian cybersecurity officials were still working on restoring those internet services. “There is no indication that any other government departments have been impacted,” the statement said. “There are systems and tools in place to monitor, detect, and investigate potential threats, and to take active measures to address and neutralize them when they occur,” says TBS.

According to several reports, the attack happened around the same time the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security issued a warning to “critical infrastructure operators” to ensure adequate protection against Russia-backed cyber threats. The Treasury Board said the investigation was ongoing. “We are unable to comment further on any specific details for operational reasons.”

“As highlighted by recent events, the ability to disrupt digital channels has become a strategic weapon in today’s geopolitical environment. Shutting off or redirecting websites/mobile apps harms not only consumers looking to access those services but also revenue and communication channels for business and government entities,” says Chris Olson, CEO of The Media Trust. “Avoiding this scenario requires continuous monitoring of client-side experience to detect anomalous activity (domains, vendors) before it propagates and causes extensive damage. Establishing and maintaining digital trust and safety is a priority in 2022.”