A Lipscomb University security officer died from a COVID-19-related illness, according to a release from the Tennessee-based university. The security officer, Maurice J. Conner has served in the University's security department since 1983.

He was also a previous graduate of Lipscomb, graduating from the University in 1981 with a bachelor's degree. He also earned his masters of arts degree in bible in 2000. In addition to his security duties, Connor served as the preaching minister for the 19th Avenue Church of Christ in Springfield, Tennessee.

"While many in the Lipscomb community may not have had the opportunity to meet Maurice as he worked to protect our students and campus during hours when most of us were at home with our families, he had a tremendous impact on this community. He was known as a humble, gentle giant who loved this institution," Lipscomb President L. Randolph Lowry said in a statement. "As I have spent time over the last few days with our campus security officer, the deep and profound respect and love the security team had for Maurice was obvious as they relayed stories about shared work experiences, his humorous radio calls to dispatch to report on weather conditions during the third shift and their lively conversations about faith, theology and life."