We are excited to announce some Good Security News from Citadel Security USA!

Michael Busch, Business Development Manager, recently shared with us: "Our company, Citadel Security USA, wanted to do something special for those nurses and medical staff at Valley View Hospital in Glennwood Springs, Colo., as well as the Sheriff's office of Garfield County, Colo. We teamed up with Dominos Pizza and had food delivered to show them how much we appreciate what they do for our communities, especially during this pandemic. We are so appreciative of all the work our frontline partners are doing at Valley View Hospital and throughout Garfield County! The whole team has answered the call to keep our communities healthy."

Thank you to Citadel Security USA for sharing this wonderful news with us! Keep up the good work!!!

Do you have some positive news that you'd like to share with us? Maybe you supplied some masks to a colleague or helped a co-worker get set up to work remotely. Or, you supplied some hand sanitizer to a neighbor. We know gestures like that, big and small, are taking place around the world, including within the security community. And we want to hear about them!

So if you’ve been part of an interaction that’s made life a little better for someone else, email us at ritcheyd@bnpmedia.com or henriquezm@bnpmedia.com. We’ll publish your stories and share some Good Security News!