A new poll from Morning Consult and Politico found 74 percent of registered voters support a national quarantine to fight the spread of coronavirus.

The survey of 1,996 registered voters, conducted March 20-22, finds that 3 in 4 voters back a national quarantine, in which all public activity, save for essential travel such as trips to the grocery store and pharmacy, would be prohibited.

Along party lines, Democrats are more in favor of a national quarantine, with 81 percent saying they support the measure. A majority of Republicans, 72 percent, and independents, 69 percent, are also supportive of a nationwide quarantine. 

The poll also found that few voters were optimistic in regards to when social distancing in the U.S. will end, with just 6 percent saying it will end in the next two weeks and 20 percent expecting to return to public spaces in the next month. While 27 percent predicted it will be at least two months, another 27 percent believed it could last longer than that.