Registration is now open for the spring season of the National Cyber League (NCL) competition.

The 2019 NCL competition featured more than 10,000 players, which includes two major seasons -- spring and fall. Through the NCL, players not only engage in capture-the-flag and puzzle-based challenges, but also are exposed to real-world scenarios with content that includes Open Source Intelligence, Enumeration and Exploitation, Traffic Analysis, Wireless Security, Cryptography, Scanning, Log Analysis, Password Cracking and Web Application Security. Some scenarios players may encounter include breaking the encryption on a password-protected PDF to extract sensitive information or using a publicly disclosed vulnerability to exploit software and obtain administrator privileges.

“Our job at NCL is to give participants the best cybersecurity competition experience. We are the most inclusive, performance-based, learning-centered collegiate cybersecurity competition today. As we enter the new decade, we are providing the growing NCL community with much more than we ever imagined. In addition to helping high school and college students, I dedicate my time to ensuring coaches are given the tools and best practices they need for their players to be successful,” said Dan Manson, NCL commissioner.

NCL is much more than a competition; it’s a community that comes together to build the next generation of the cybersecurity workforce. The NCL Player Ambassador team produces training content six days a week to ensure players and coaches have resources at their fingertips for the most enhanced learning experience. 

The NCL encourages players of all levels to participate. Not only does NCL prepare students for careers in cybersecurity and potentially real-life situations, but also builds their skillset and leaves them with a scouting report on their performance for potential hiring purposes.

NCL has a biannual practice gymnasium, preseason game, individual game and team game before ending in May. Registration for the spring season is $35 per player and is available through March 20. It is free of charge for teachers/faculty to integrate NCL into their classrooms. Coaches (instructors/mentors) can register for free. For more information or to register, visit