The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) announced a new partnership with the University of South Carolina that will benefit UofSC students and the Loss Prevention/Asset Protection industry.

Through the partnership, UofSC will offer a LPQualified (LPQ) course in an instructor-led class. The LPQ course will be a graduation requirement for the Retail Management track students among the more than 600 students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Retailing program. The retail management track prepares students with specialized knowledge and experience supported by a strong business foundation and will now also incorporate retail loss prevention through the LPQ course.

“We could not be more excited about this partnership with the University of South Carolina and are thrilled to already have 42 students enrolled in the LPQ class for this semester,” commented Terry Sullivan, LPC, President of the Loss Prevention Foundation. “This partnership is going to give us the opportunity for LPF board of director members and solution provider leaders to be engaged by attending the classes and speaking with the UofSC students enrolled in the LPQ course. It is also going to provide the students with the opportunity to secure a LPQ certification along with their degree upon graduation. This really will be advantageous for all involved.”

“Our partnership with the Loss Prevention Foundation is another great example of how the Department of Retailing is preparing the next generation of leaders by integrating industry collaboration into the educational program. The LPQ coursework presents a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain real-world knowledge that will directly apply to their careers in the field. With a focus on best practices in asset protection, tools and technologies, the LPQ curriculum gives our graduates a distinct edge, both in securing the jobs they desire, as well as excelling in their new positions once on board.”  - Karen Edwards, Senior Instructor, Department of Retailing