Northwest local schools in Cincinnati, Ohio were closed for safety training following a recent fatal shooting that prompted a lockdown at a local high school.

Northwest High School (NWHS) went into full lockdown after school officials heard gunshots firing, NWHS says. "At the time when gunshots were heard, students who were immediately outside of the building were ushered back into the school and the doors were locked. Following proper A.L.I.C.E protocol, since the shooter had not been identified, individuals that later returned to the building were not granted re-entry. A.L.I.C.E is a national active shooter training & preparedness model. Students were held in a secure location until family members arrived to pick them up. NWHS parents were notified by phone and email of the lockdown," notes NWHS. 

Police said two of the four individuals involved in the accident were current NWHS students, one a past NWHS graduate from 2012 and the fourth individual was a non-student who possessed the gun. The 2012 graduate was fatally injured and one NWHS student incurred non-life threatening injuries. 

“Our district has policies in force to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We take this responsibility seriously,” said Todd Bowling, Superintendent of the Northwest Local School District. “We are reviewing and assessing all of the policies at this time to make sure that we continue to take the proper steps when incidents take place. Our administrators and staff are vigilant in placing a priority on maintaining the safety of our students,” said Bowling.   

"This shooting occurred just a couple hundred feet away from Northwest High School's property, during a time of a high volume of student traffic," Colerain Township Police Detective Mike Stockmeyer said to a news report. "(Students were) leaving school, going to be picked up by their parents." 

The school noted that they appreciate all of the support they received from local law enforcement agencies and the cooperation of teachers and staff in keeping their buildings and students safe.