The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law is launching advanced professional training through their online Master of Science (MS) in Cybersecurity Law and Homeland Security and Crisis Management Law.

These part-time, two-year online programs have been developed for working professionals who want to gain a competitive edge in their career by developing an understanding of the law within these fields, says the press release. 

The MS in Cybersecurity Law is the first advanced degree of its kind to address the identification of threats and actors, Internet governance and jurisdiction, privacy issues, cybercrime and data breaches, as well as current and proposed cybersecurity legislation, policies and regulation, says the release. Courses are taught by Maryland Carey Law faculty, experts from the University of Maryland’s Center for Health and Homeland Security (CHHS), and other experienced practitioners.

“Cybersecurity used to be thought of as a purely technical field,” says Markus Rauschecker, Cybersecurity Program Director for the CHHS. “There are now many important and significant legal and policy issues at stake. The need for professionals who understand the legal aspects has grown tremendously in recent years.” 

The MS in Homeland Security and Crisis Management Law will prepare students to lead their organization’s response to crises with a special focus on the legal, regulatory and public issues that must be considered during crisis situations, including terrorist attacks, pandemics, data breaches and weather emergencies. Faculty and experts from the CHHC will address topics such as emergency management, emergency public health response, cybersecurity and homeland security and counterterrorism.

“There is a demand for experts in crisis management and cybersecurity law that far exceeds the supply of trained personnel,” says Michael Greenberger, Director of the CHHS. “In these programs, students will learn the relevant federal and state laws and regulations, best practices and standard operating procedures that surround the ability to organize an institution to respond to a crisis event.”

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