Twenty-two thousand apples, or 7,000 pounds of fruit, has been stolen from an orchard farm in Linden, Mich.

“We were predicting about 7,000 pounds of apples to be harvested over the next week period,” Spicer Orchard Harvest Manager, Matthew Spicer, told ABC 12."Basically, I was pretty upset about it, because it takes a whole year to grow apples and losing something like that, that was our up and coming varieties. Evercrisp is one of our new ones out and was kind of excited to share that with people."

On Sunday, Oct. 6, the apples on Spicer Farms supplemental orchard  were reportedly not quite ripe yet. The owners usually check their crops every four days, and found them missing on Oct. 9, according to ABC 7.

The farm reportedly had cameras, but they were pointing away from the crops during the robbery due to it being hunting season, says a Fox News report.

According to the news report, "Investigators aren't sure if the theft is related to the 400 pumpkins stolen from a orchard in St Clair County 's Grant Township or 50,000 apples stolen from an Indiana orchard last month."