Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has started to test a new system that uses iris and facial recognition scanning to identify people.

According to a release on the ICA website, the new “contactless, ‘breeze-through’ immigration clearance” system began a six-month trial on April 8 at the Tuas Checkpoint, where it is being used in the bus hall’s automated arrival lanes.

Travelers don’t need to present their passports or thumbprints in any way for.the optical sensors to identify them. After they’ve been identified, the system confirms they have a valid passport. No prior sign-up is required.

“The contactless immigration system will enhance operational efficiency, yet maintain our high standards of traveller identity verification and security, and is a significant step towards ICA’s vision of an efficient and hassle-free immigration clearance experience using biometric solutions,” ICA said in the press release.