Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has signed school safety legislation.

The bill sets up state-administered programs to distribute school safety grants and take anonymous reports of dangerous activities or threats of violence in schools, reported the Herald Mail.

It also tasks a new committee under the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to develop an assessment of school safety and security, and use it to suggest improvements to school districts, the report said.

The grant program will begin with $60 million.

School districts can apply once a year for a grant for a wide range of purposes, including safety and security assessments, security-related technology, training, counselors, police officers and anti-violence programs, said the report.

Each grant must be at least $25,000, but it is limited to 10 percent of the cash in the program account. Up to $7.5 million will be set aside for municipalities, institutions of higher education and community organizations to undertake anti-violence programs.