Under a new NCAA policy, college coaches, athletes and athletic administrators will be required to undergo annual training in sexual-violence prevention.

Additionally, according to the new policy, each of the three campus officials must declare that:

  • The school’s athletics department is knowledgeable about, integrated in, and compliant with institutional policies and processes regarding sexual violence prevention and proper adjudication and resolution of acts of sexual violence.
  • The school’s policies regarding sexual violence prevention and adjudication — plus the name and contact information for the campus Title IX coordinator — are readily available in the athletics department and are distributed to student-athletes.

The names of colleges and universities that attest they have complied will be included in a report delivered each year to the Board of Governors and published on ncaa.org.

The new policy was recommended by the Commission to Combat Campus Sexual Violence, created one year ago by the board to examine issues of sexual violence and propose solutions for what athletics departments, conferences and the NCAA can do to enhance sexual violence prevention efforts and achieve positive culture change on college campuses. The commission is composed of college and university presidents, athletics administrators, coaches, sexual violence experts, advocates and student-athletes.