Children will have a say when it comes to improving security at Englewood Cliffs, NJ schools when the district forms a Student Safety Committee this year.

The committee will allow students to contribute to ongoing discussions about enhancing school safety, stranger danger and how to act appropriately during lockdown drills.

Police Chief Michael Cioffi said: "This would be a committee of students who are paired with police officers and administration to share intelligence and take suggestions from students themselves on how to make our schools safer. I look forward to the creation of that committee."

Though complete plans for the committee are in the works, Cioffi said there's potential to get the children more involved with their school.

"We want students to contribute," Cioffi said. "They have a lot to offer and maybe we can see [security] from their viewpoint. Maybe we are missing some things."

Concepts like ALICE, or Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate could be suggested when the committee meets, he said.

The Police Department assists the school with security, lockdown and active shooter drills. The district also employs two security guards for each school and enacted new procedures and methods to keep students safe.