The Department of Transportation (DOT) in  Iowa is planning to rollout a digital driver's license.  

The license will have a bar code that can be scanned and linked directly to its database. The agency said it will ensure that the data on the digital driver’s license are verified and up-to-date.

The digital driver’s license looks the same as the plastic driver’s license, which displays the photo of the Iowa resident who owns it.  Iowa residents can use the digital driver’s license as identification during security screening at the airport, traffic stops or to purchase liquor.

During traffic stops, the Iowa State Patrol and Des Moines Police Department explained that the bar code of the digital driver’s license will scanned using a hardware, which is integrated in the officers’ cruiser.

According to officials, it possible for officers to use hand-held scanners or other devices to scan the digital driver’s license, but it would be a significant procedural transition and cost.

Iowa spent $20,000 to develop the digital driver’s license app, and the agency has no plans to replace the plastic driver’s license. The agency said it will use its works to test the digital driver’s license over the next six months. It will evaluate potential issues during the testing period and they will upgrade the digital driver’s license based on their experience.