As part of its "Next Gen Stats" initiative, which is designed to give fans, as well as coaches and broadcasters, a greater insight into the game, NFL players will wear RFID tags on their uniforms. 

The use of RFID technology will allow real-time tracking of various on-field statistics, including such things as current location, acceleration, total distance run and even orientation, with an accuracy of down to 6 inches. 

The implementation of RFID technology will be limited to 17 stadiums during the 2014 NFL season, requiring receivers to be installed throughout said stadiums. Once the data is collected, it is sent to data hubs where it is compiled into a database. The data can then be outputted in various ways, such as graphics and tables, depending on the intended audience.

The stadiums to be fitted out with the RFID receivers for the 2014 season are Atlanta, Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Green Bay, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, New England, Oakland, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington, Detroit and New Orleans, with information to be gathered from all 32 teams.