G4S continues to be a successful security partner with Orange County, Fla., providing quality and value with Custom Protection Officers® (CPO) and Upscale Security Officers (USO) at government administration buildings, courthouses, water treatment plants and the corrections complex.

Recently, budgetary challenges required officials to contract for security with companies based on low-cost bidding. As a result, G4S was no longer providing security at the most critical locations.

In 2012, serious security troubles developed with two of the low bid companies. Within months, officials turned to G4S to help restore quality services, well-trained officers and responsive management teams to the most critical facilities. County officials were relieved that no serious security breaches had occurred during the ousted security contractors’ watch.

Orange County is located in central Florida and includes the city of Orlando. G4S successfully partnered with Orange County for more than 10 consecutive years until March 2012 when officials awarded contracts to low bidders.

G4S provides security to support sworn law enforcement personnel so they can perform more critical functions. Two areas with the highest security priorities are the courthouses and water/wastewater facilities. At the main courthouse, every visitor is screened using x-ray equipment and metal detectors. The water/wastewater facilities are essential infrastructure so these locations require heightened security and regular vulnerability assessments.

John Terwilliger, director of Administrative Services for Orange County said, “Providing the best security service is almost always not the cheapest. The need for competent, effective, reliable security services at the courthouses and at our water and wastewater facilities is imperative.”

Orange County officials developed a greater appreciation for the quality and value of the work by G4S. In return, G4S had an opportunity to show the county how much it values its contracts.