A New York City middle school student has filed a $16 million lawsuit against the city after being assaulted by a group of boys at a Brooklyn school, according to a CNN report.

The student, 14-year-old Kardin Ulysse, says he is now blind in his right eye as a result of the attack. 

He says he was assaulted in the cafeteria of Roy Mann Junior High School on June 5, according to his attorney, Sanford Rubenstein. The lawsuit says that the school failed to properly supervise the students accused of the attack, according to CNN

Two of the accused attackers have been arrested and are facing disciplinary action, according to the NYC Department of Education, but they have not been identified. 

Kardin's father, Pierre Ulysse, said his son had complained about bullying on multiple occasions, telling reporters that his son was beaten, kicked and punched in the face, the article says.

Kardin has undergone two unsuccessful surgeries to try and restore his sight, and he will try for a cornea transplant. 

A Department of Education statement said, "We take bullying very seriously and have programs to address this."

It added, "The principal reported it and police were called."