It’s busy and a happier place than last year at the annual ASIS International exhibition. Here are some items in a virtual walkthrough.

Morse Watchmans is demonstrating a full selection of key control and security management systems at this week’s ASIS Show. From single module personal asset lockers to multiple cabinets holding hundreds of keys, the Morse Watchmans exhibit showcases key and asset security solutions that address a variety of applications and provides visual testament to their ease of use and functionality.

“The Morse Watchmans product line was designed with customers’ needs in mind,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “Because of the modular

design, each of the systems can easily accommodate growth as well as network connectivity and integration with other security systems. The systems also provide an effective management tool because of the reporting/auditing capability that provides accurate data to help analyze activity.”

Featured systems at the Morse Watchmans’ booth include:

Three-cabinet suite SmartKey Asset Control Locker System provides customers with a wider array of options for storing and controlling assets. The cabinet configuration on display features a laptop locker, a radio locker and a single module personal item locker, allowing larger sized valuable items to be managed as efficiently as keys. The three-cabinet configuration is controlled by a single console and access to the modules is gained by entering an authorized code on the keypad. Constructed of rugged stainless steel, the system has a built-in RS-232 communications port for direct connectivity to printers or other devices, or networked connectivity via Ethernet.

SmartKey Single Locker Module is designed with a smaller footprint that can be used in any of the modular KeyWatcher systems for holding documents, CDs, weapons, cell phones, etc., and is easily integrated with other existing business systems such as access control to provide more layered security protection. With built-in serial port connectivity, the locker can be accessed, programmed or monitored over the network, from any location using the Key-Pro Software, a PC application that offers extensive management reporting capability as well as a scheduling tool that automatically downloads all data to a secure PC.

Six-module version of a KeyBank Key Control System provides accountability of large quantities of keys. The six-module system, complete with tamper-proof SmartKey technology, provides increased security and control of keys versus outdated key boxes and manual tracking logs. The unit features individually illuminated SmartKey technology to automatically record the access history of each key. Ideal for multi-family housing facilities, hotels, educational institutions or other high volume key applications.

Also on display are the company’s Key-Pro Software, Key-Rings, PowerCheck Guard Tour System and Tour-Pro Data Sorting Software.

Altronix is showcasing the versatility and benefits of the company’s latest new products here at ASIS 2010. Featured products include the new e-FLOW Series Power Supplies for access and other security applications; NetWayM Managed PoE Midspans for PoE and non-PoE compliant cameras and edge devices; and the ReServ Series Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS).

“Today’s security industry covers a complex and diverse landscape of technologies. ASIS attendees will see how Altronix delivers solutions that deliver more than just power

and that offer the highest levels of functionality, reliability and cost-efficiency,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix. “With more than 25 years of experience behind us, we are committed to designing and delivering a broad portfolio of solutions with the added value that security professionals have come to expect from Altronix.”

The new e-FLOW Series Power Supplies for access, security and fire alarm systems provide cost-effective and reliable 24 or 12VDC from either a 115 or 230VAC power source. The new line is comprised of ten models ranging from 2.5 amp to 10 amp total power output versions. Features include supervised built-in fire alarm disconnect, an external power LED, low power shutdown to protect batteries from deep discharging, and a Aux Class 2 rated power limited ouput.

Altronix ReServ Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies combine a high quality power supply with a UPS in a single highly cost-effective solution. The series includes the ReServ1, ReServ2 and ReServ3 in indoor and outdoor units are designed to provide simultaneous 12VDC, 24VAC (or both) camera power during normal, brown out and power outage conditions.

NetWayM Managed PoE Midspans are IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at (PoE Plus) compliant to support both PoE cameras and edge devices, as well as non-PoE compliant IP 12VDC cameras. The NetWay8M features eight ports with a total output of 150W, and the NetWay16M features sixteen ports with a maximum output of 300W. Each port has a maximum output of 30W and will automatically adjust power to the PoE device connected.

G4S Secure Solutions (USA), formerly known as G4S Wackenhut, has debuted a new corporate vision at ASIS 2010 – to deliver a new kind of integrated security solution that combines manpower, technology and innovation. It's a whole new business model that builds on the Wackenhut legacy as the premier supplier of manpower to the security market. Innovative components of the new G4S include technologies that were developed internally. These include Secure Trax™ PLUS interactive software that expands manpower productivity, and a best-in-breed remote monitoring center that incorporates video analytics to empower more responsive on-site security. G4S has also acquired several technology companies to expand its range of integrated security solutions to serve various specialized markets.

“G4S is in a unique position to provide existing and new customers with comprehensive security solutions that completely integrate both manpower and technology and are customized to meet an end-user's specific needs,” said Drew Levine, President, G4S Secure Solutions (USA). Recent acquisitions that build on the G4S technology offerings include Nuclear Security Services Corp. (NSSC), which offers risk management, design and engineering services for intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance systems specifically for the nuclear power and other regulated industries; Touchcom, Inc., which develops software for visitor management, work flow management, elevator management and facility concierge services; Adesta, a systems integrator that designs and installs sophisticated video surveillance, perimeter protection and related security systems; and AMAG Technology, which offers access control, visitor management, smart card and related software-driven applications.

Secure Trax PLUS by G4S is a fully interactive software platform that connects G4S security officers using handheld devices, a command center, and an enterprise's customized secure business intelligence portal. The all-in-one software provides a range of customizable security solutions to detect, alert, dispatch, record and verify events in real-time. Depending on a user’s specific needs, event monitoring functions can include any combination of incident management, guard tours, fire and safety inspections and fleet management programs. The system eliminates paperwork and provides historical performance data to enable security resources to be assigned based on business intelligence and trend analysis.

The remote monitoring center in Burlington, Massachusetts − about 17 miles northwest of Boston − is a 5,000-square-foot facility that promotes efficiency by using video monitoring and analytics to alert security personnel if there is a problem at a customer’s site that needs to be addressed, such as someone loitering in a parking lot after business hours. The center provides a seamless interface of manned security and technology to increase efficiency, mitigate risks and reduce costs. The center is also one of a select handful to be awarded UL-827 certification for monitoring facilities.

Panasonic System Networks Company of America showcases its expanding line of i-PRO SmartHD products at ASIS 2010, highlighting the ways in which its IP-based technology can transform system functionality, efficiency and reliability at an affordable price. In addition to launching their face detection solutions, Panasonic will also debut its proprietary UniPhier® LSI (Large-Scale Integrated circuit) computer chip, which increases capabilities across the line of Panasonic i-PRO SmartHD cameras.

The more efficient H.264 High Profile format affords superior HD quality for video streaming (up to 30 images per second) using as little as half as much data. A new 1.3-megapixel MOS image sensor enables high sensitivity and efficient power consumption. Additional intelligence inside the cameras empowers new advanced features including face detection.

The newest i-PRO SmartHD cameras also offer Face Wide Dynamic Range to overcome challenging lighting conditions and detect faces even when there are multiple people in a frame. A new i-PRO SmartHD Network Disk Recorder, being previewed at the show, completes the application with Real Time Face Matching to compare registered faces to a face displayed in the live image and to trigger an alarm if there is a match.

A new i-PRO SmartHD PTZ dome camera, also being previewed at ASIS, combines HD imaging with a feature-rich all-in-one pan-tilt-zoom dome providing auto-tracking, auto-flip function, and new “Drag and Zoom” operation. A 360-degree map shot provides the full 360-degree field of view, separated into eight thumbnail images taken at 45-degree intervals; clicking on any thumbnail easily directs the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the camera.

Panasonic will also show the analog video surveillance line and a variety of system solutions for professional security applications beyond the company's leading line of video surveillance systems. The breadth of Panasonic products includes an innovative IP PBX Communication System, Color Touchscreen IP Phone, HD Visual Communications Systems and Point-of-Sale (POS) Workstations.

Emphasizing open systems interoperability at ASIS 2010, Panasonic will re-launch the expanded and enhanced Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN), which now covers a wider array of product lines and provides additional resources including a larger, more responsive developer support team, additional joint marketing opportunities and an expanded web site.

Also at ASIS, Lenel Systems International, Inc. and Switzerland based LEGIC Identsystems Ltd, a leading manufacturer of contactless smart card technology for personal identification, have entered into a license agreement. The relationship allows for integration of Lenel’s integrated security solutions with LEGIC advant technology for contactless identification for a wide variety of applications such as access control installations for business and campus sites. The agreement supports the globally increasing demand for LEGIC based security solutions. LEGIC continues to grow globally and this agreement allows it to expand its partner network with a top class worldwide system integrator.

Lenel focuses on developing products that enable organizations to effectively protect and manage their people, property and assets. With over 18'000 system installations in more than 93 countries worldwide, Lenel has a customer base with a strong presence in a broad range of vertical segments including healthcare, government, critical infrastructure, education, petrochemical, manufacturing and telecom. The LEGIC agreement allows Lenel to widen its solution portfolio with a state-of-the-art technology that meets true multi-standard compatibility.

“Partnering with LEGIC enables us to keep pace with latest identification technologies and offers additional solutions for our global customers,” says Luis Orbegoso, President of Lenel Systems International.

Klaus U. Klosa, Chief Executive Officer of LEGIC Identsystems is convinced of the strategic importance of the new partnership: “This agreement is a crucial step for our further development in global markets. We are glad to have entered into a partnership with mutual benefits and I look forward to a long and sustainable collaboration.”

Proximex, in event and information management for both physical and logical security markets, is pleased to announce that it has been granted a significant patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which protects its innovative EZ Track technology. Proximex EZ Track is a major breakthrough for organizations that require subject tracking across multiple camera views and video support for forensic evidence distribution to other security teams and/or agencies for further incident resolution.

“Some solutions are able to receive video from multiple cameras, but they are unable to provide intelligent tracking of subjects across multiple cameras from different vendors,” said Ken Cheng, CTO for Proximex. “EZ Track differentiates itself by the ease with which it can track individuals across camera views and the numerous ways it allows video to be used within an organization. This patent demonstrates the innovation and value of EZ Track to companies that deploy it within their security environments.”

For arenas, stadiums, convention centers and airports, EZ Track exports video clips from multiple cameras and generates tracking reports that detail all camera IDs, video images and maps viewed during incidents. EZ Track eliminates the need for security personnel to memorize camera IDs and locations or manually search recorded video clips. EZ Track has helped organizations that use video to speed subject apprehension, support legal action for liability purposes and distribute clips to other teams/agencies for further incident resolution.

American Dynamics, part of Tyco Security Products, at ASIS announced victor, a unified security management system that enables users to migrate from analog to IP cameras and provides a single solution to manage both Intellex DVRs and NVRs. The first of its kind in the market, the introduction of victor marks a new, unified platform for a significant expansion of American Dynamic’s IP video solutions portfolio.

With victor, security officers gain the unique ability to use both existing analog cameras

and new IP cameras in a single, easy-to-use software client. VideoEdge version 4.0, a

powerful, IT-friendly NVR solution gives security directors the powerful, reliable IP video

recording capabilities they need. New IP cameras, encoders, and affordable iSCSi /Fiber

storage round out the complete IP video solution from American Dynamics.

victor unifies security management, providing front-desk security officers with one set of

tools to view, search and export video from both Intellex DVRs and VideoEdge NVRs.

Intellex customers can simply add new VideoEdge NVRs and mega-pixel IP cameras to

existing security systems.

“This combined launch gives new and existing Intellex DVR customers everything they

need to jump into IP Video or to transition from analog to IP security video at their own

pace,” said Warren Brown, Director of Product Management.

victor adapts to the needs of each user, offering instant ‘layout switching’ across four

monitors to quickly react to situations. Embedded best-in-class policy management

enables security directors to easily manage access to cameras, video export and other

features by user. victor also remembers user’s favorite cameras and views and brings

them up whether a user is accessing the system on their home laptop or in the control


victor combines with Intellex and the new VideoEdge v4.0 to quickly and easily find and

export incident video with instant Smart Search, which delivers lightning-fast, on-the-fly

searches of recorded video on IP and analog cameras in the same interface.

“These new solutions clearly demonstrate American Dynamics’ significant commitment to

carrying its 20-year history of market leadership in security video forward into the IPrealm,”

said David Jackson, Product Manager. “Our focus is two-fold: lead in technology

innovation, while making it easy for customers to upgrade at their own pace.”

In addition to built-in Smart Search analytics, the new VideoEdge v4.0 delivers H.264

recording, 400 Mbits per second recording capacity, frame-by-frame instant playback and

audio on every camera channel. As an open-platform, high-performance NVR, VideoEdge

v4.0 keeps IT Directors happy with a locked down, Linux kernel-based software approach.

Rounding out the complete, end-to-end IP solution from American Dynamics is the

introduction of the Illustra 400 H.264 half-mega-pixel IP cameras, and 8-channel H.264 D1

encoder. The new IP cameras are the highest full-frame rate, standard resolution cameras

on the market with superior low-light performance. The new 8-channel encoder gives

analog users an easy upgrade to IP, with all the storage benefits of H.264 compression and

full backward compatibility with Sensornet PTZ control support.

The victor unified video management system, VideoEdge 4.0 NVR solution, IP cameras

and encoders and iSCSi/Fiber storage will all be available through American Dynamics’

worldwide distribution channels.