Panasonic System Networks Company of America is demonstrating its new HD Visual Communications System at the ISC West show in Las Vegas.
The system is ideal for general business applications by greatly reducing the time and expense of traveling. It is ideal for specialized applications in the law enforcement, prison and court systems by offering a safe and cost-effective way to interview detainees without leaving secured environments.
The system employs H.264 video compression to efficiently transmit HD video and audio using roughly half the bandwidth of competitive systems. Additionally, the system's flexibility and scalability accommodates a wide range of HD displays, from small-scale desktop LCDs to a 150" HD Plasma, or HD projector. It also allows for multiple HD cameras to be utilized, so a second camera can be used as a document camera or to send images of a specific activity or application.
The system also allows full-motion, high-resolution video to be transmitted from laptops connected to the system. It is comprised of a Panasonic 50-inch Full HD VIERA(R) Plasma TV, a codec, two HD Video Cameras, 360 degrees HD Audio microphone, VPN Router and a Remote Control, along with standard cables and accessories.