Gary Slavin, the nationally recognized trainer, tells Security Magazine that he has a series of new courses developed to assist security alarm dealers and central stations in taking their companies to the next level of success. These live education courses are available onsite at the customers’ locations or at our training facility in central Florida.

The eight courses in this new series are:

           An Organized Approach to Security Alarm Sales

           Business Etiquette for the Security Alarm Professional

           Getting Closer to Your Customer

           Plan Your Success--Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

           Seven Steps to Security Alarm Business Success

           Strategic Marketing in the Security Alarm Industry

           The Advertising Question

           There is no OR in Marketing AND Sales

“Having skilled and highly motivated personnel is critical if you are to stay competitive in today’s ever-changing business world and training remains a critical element in a company’s success. I’ve been teaching a generic form of these courses since the 1980’s and just recently decided to customize them for the security alarm industry,” stated Gary Slavin. “I thought, given that these courses have been used successfully to assist companies in other industries, why not use my eleven years’ experience in the security alarm industry to tailor them for and present them to alarm dealers and central stations?”

Gary Slavin has a strong technical background and has been involved in developing, marketing and selling instructor led, video based, interactive video based and computer-based training since 1978. He has presented seminars to all types of professionals at varying skill levels. Participants attending these seminars have called him a training powerhouse who exhibits endless energy and enthusiasm. His understanding and love of the subject matter enables him to deliver the best training seminars in the business. His approach is down-to-earth for beginners to experienced professionals. Visit to see what other courses and services are available to assist you in reaching that next level of success.


Gary Slavin

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