Hirsch Electronics tells Security Magazine and Zalud’s Blog that Robert Beliles, co-founder of Cisco's physical security initiative and business unit, has been appointed vice president, enterprise business development. Beliles brings to Hirsch more than eleven years of product marketing and product management experience with Cisco Systems, Inc. He is also the co-author of several networked physical security system patents-pending.

“Hirsch has earned a strong reputation for reliable, high-security management systems for access control and identity management,” commented Hirsch president, Larry Midland. “Bob brings us additional depth to pursue the strong business opportunities presented.”

IP network and other IT technologies are driving changes in how physical security systems are deployed and used. The convergence of these technologies with physical security systems is creating unprecedented opportunities to deliver new capabilities and cost-savings to both government and enterprise organizations, similar to what occurred when voice and IP technologies converged into IP telephony.

"Hirsch has been a trailblazer in security solutions that leverage IT technologies, as one of the first vendors to offer IP network-based interoperability solutions that link the physical security system with human resources systems, directory services, video systems, external watch lists, provisioning systems, command and control, and information security", said Steve Hunt, President of 4A International, a security industry consulting and analyst firm. "With the addition of Bob to Hirsch's executive team, I expect Hirsch will continue to deliver innovative technologies and solutions for quite some time to come."

“The opportunities and benefits of networked physical security are enormous", observed Beliles. "I was very impressed by Hirsch's early leadership in adopting technologies, such as XML and encrypted end-point communications, which demonstrates that Hirsch is at the forefront of this next wave of convergence. As a result, customers not only benefit from products from a proven security vendor, they also enjoy the ability to build security systems with advanced technologies today."

Before joining Hirsch, Beliles was senior manager, physical security market management, at Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA, where he co-founded Cisco’s physical security initiative leading to the acquisition of two video surveillance systems vendors. During his time with Cisco, Beliles led teams that introduced new capabilities to Cisco's flagship network switch and some of Cisco’s first and widely deployed VoIP-capable products. Prior to joining Cisco, he held systems engineering and sales positions with Advanced Micro Devices, Hewlett Packard and Philips Information Systems. He is frequently quoted in the industry press and is a sought after speaker at security events. Beliles holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Clemson University.