Analyst1, provider of a threat intelligence platform (TIP), added recognized cybersecurity industry veteran, Jon DiMaggio, to its executive team. As chief security strategist, DiMaggio will be responsible for driving security research and strategy for the next generation threat intel company.

"We are excited to welcome Jon to the team. His research skills and respected position in the cyber community will help guide Analyst1's product maturity, and ensure our customers reap the benefit of his in-depth cyber analysis," stated Analyst1 chief executive officer, Scott Messick.

With over 14 years-experience as a threat analyst, DiMaggio's research has garnered him "celebrity" status in the cyber world. DiMaggio has extensive experience analyzing threat groups to gain intelligence on adversary's motives and attribution to help prevent future cyber-attacks.

A fixture on the speaker circuit, DiMaggio has been featured on Fox, CNN, and Bloomberg, as well as other online publications. In all, DiMaggio has conducted over one-hundred media interviews related to his research in the field of cybersecurity. Additionally, his research has been cited by law enforcement and used in federal indictments into nation-state attacks.