GPS systems can track valuable material, alleviating the stress of wondering where your cargo is.

A new vision for theft prevention, one that tracks assets, personal property, even people, is on the rise. Today, companies can use cutting edge Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and tracking technologies to save time and money by tracking anything, anytime, anywhere. Still, a lot of organizations rely on old school tactics, like clunky cumbersome devices or footwork to get the job done. By doing so, they are missing out on the easiest theft prevention plan – one that has the ability to save your business.

Tracking devices trace as far back as 1974, but many industry professionals have just turned to GPS solutions within the last six months. The reasoning behind not using the system was due to cost, distrusting in the service or being set in their ways. But now, more and more organizations are cutting costs and others are starting to notice.


One network has used GPS solutions to track TV cameras that were being shipped from job to job. The organization saved time and money with thorough immediate notifications of theft and possible foul play. The notifications come directly to a computer screen or mobile phone. The concept itself enables setting a virtual perimeter, which is monitored through GPS technology. It alerts companies when their property is leaving an authorized area. It also detects exact locations of the subject, not just its general proximity.

Having this prevention plan in place can alleviate a lot of stress. With GPS, there is no reason to panic. The security operator can log on to a computer and see where property is in real-time. As one user said, “It makes life so much simpler.”

Simplicity is the key with GPS, and it’s intriguing. Many have heard of it and have an idea as to what it does, but are still unclear as to the specifics of the system. Making it known that property will be tracked by GPS makes you one step closer to being theft free. People are also less likely to deceive with a theft prevention plan in place.

Organizations can save time and money with thorough immediate notifications of theft and possible foul play. GPS notifications can come directly to a computer screen or mobile phone.


Tracking devices can be used for all sorts of things. GPS solutions have been used in drug investigation tracking, as well as matrimonial, family, corporate and personal tracking. With judicial cases, it can be used to trail bad parents, track behavior patterns for drugs, drinking or inappropriate behavior.

In one recent case in Oklahoma, a woman was dating a pedophile that was molesting her children. Had it not been for the tracker, the investigator says there would be no way he could have solved the case.

A recent child custody case is another perfect example. A mother was driving under the influence with her two-year-old son in the car. The problem was proving this when she was with her son, where she was going and what she was doing. Through GPS, the father was able to track where she went and what she did, and as a result, the child was brought into protective custody.

Whether it’s a parent or an organization, it doesn’t matter. GPS provides peace of mind. It provides you with an answer. But it’s important to take some things into consideration before jumping right in. The biggest is the importance of practicing with the device. Know where you want to put it, and if possible, practice on that exact item.

When deciding to use GPS, be sure you take the time to do it right.

About the Source

Rob Groot is COO of FindWhere, a company offering precision tracking and location services.