Implemented at the U.S. Department of Commerce to protect entrances of the 3-block, 8-acre Herbert C. Hoover Building from vehicle assault, Delta Scientific offers its IP500 portable barriers. The IP500 quick deployment barrier can be rapidly set-up on existing concrete or asphalt roads, level compacted soils and other hard surfaces. No excavation or sub-surface preparation is required. The drop arm crash beam is raised or lowered into position either hydraulically or manually. The drop arm crash beam is mounted within multiple inertial pods. They can be set on paved roads and driveways, undisturbed soil or any combination. The unfilled pods weigh less than 700 pounds (318 kg) and can be filled with concrete, sand, gravel or other available media either at the site or from a remote location. Pods can be moved using a small forklift, pallet jack, crane or handcart.