Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks were analyzed in a recent report by Link11. The report found a 70% increase in DDoS attacks, with attacks reaching critical levels in 14 seconds on average, compared to 55 seconds in 2022. Additionally, two thirds of observed traffic is machine-based, indicating the prevalence of bot activity.

Geopolitical tensions globally contributed to a rapid escalation in DDoS attacks, particularly targeting critical infrastructure, public institutions, and political organizations. The ongoing conflicts fueled politically motivated DDoS attacks by organized groups.

The report points out the heightened security risk posed by web applications and APIs, exacerbated by critical vulnerabilities in unpatched software. The EU's mandate for Apple to open its interfaces to third-party providers further intensifies the need for enhanced security measures in this area. Moreover, the rising threat from AI-driven bots presents significant challenges, with projections indicating a 131% surge in online bot fraud by 2027.

Read the full report here.