According to a recent Cyberint report, there 4,368 ransomware victims in 2023, a 55% surge from 2022. Established groups like LockBit3.0 (with 1,047 victims), ALPHV (with 445 victims) and Clop (with 384 victims), along with emerging groups like 8Base (conducting attacks on 281 organizations), Play (executing 304 attacks), BianLian (with 281 victims) and Akira (with 174 victims), contributed to the surge in ransomware attacks.

According to the report, the MOVEit campaign emerged as the most impactful, emphasizing the potentially devastating effect of supply chain attacks and the importance of dedicated supply chain security procedures. The United States was the most targeted country, with 64% of ransomware cases.

The report found that business services sector led with 1,265 cases, followed by retail and manufacturing. In the fourth quarter of 2023 alone, 1,154 ransomware incidents were documented globally. 

The most targeted countries included the USA, with 2,175 attacks; the UK, with 286 attacks; Canada, with 198 attacks; Germany, with 158 attacks; France, with 140 attacks; and Italy with 134 attacks.

Despite law enforcement efforts, the ransomware industry continues to grow rapidly, causing severe damage to organizations worldwide. 2024 is projected to be even more challenging, with veteran groups and newcomers like Akira, Play and 8Base anticipated to serve dominant roles.