Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) has announced Jennifer Williams will be the new Vice President, Information Security.

Williams brings a wealth of experience into her new role at HOOPP. She was named one of Security’s 2023 Most Influential People in Security.

Williams began her career in account as a Banking Analyst at a large Canadian payroll company before transitioning into a more technical role as an internal IT auditor at the organization. That eventually led to Williams taking on an intermediate security analyst role which solidified her career move from accounting into the security industry.

In 2010, Williams began her journey helping to protect systems and patient data with Ontario’s healthcare industry and took on a new role that allowed her to build and lead an Information Security program for a large healthcare system, supporting multiple community hospitals within Ontario. She stayed in that role for almost 10 years until moving to Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), where she took on a new challenge within the pensions industry, to build a program and secure systems and sensitive data for the organization that delivers pensions to Ontario’s healthcare workers. Williams has been with HOOPP since 2018 serving as Director Information Security until 2021 and most recently as Senior Director, Information Security.