Pepsi Bottling Ventures suffered a data breach in late 2022. Pepsi Bottling Ventures is a privately-held bottler and no PepsiCo information was impacted. The breach may have involved information of current and former employees. 

Early 2023, Pepsi Bottling Ventures learned that unauthorized activity was reported on certain internal IT systems. Based on its investigation, an unknown party accessed those systems on or around December 23, 2022, and downloaded certain information contained in the accessed IT systems.

The impacted information varies by individual, and may have included: first and last names (including individual and/or parents’ legal surname prior to marriage); home address; email address; financial account information (including a limited number of passwords, PIN codes or other access numbers); state and federal government issued identification numbers such as driver license numbers, ID cards, social security numbers and passport information; digital signatures; and information related to benefits and employment, including certain limited medical history, health and health insurance claims and health insurance information such as policy numbers.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures has reported the incident to law enforcement, suspended all affected systems and investigated to understand the scope and impact of the incident. Pepsi Bottling Ventures recommends affected individuals promptly change username(s), password(s) and security question answer(s) for any accounts or account information maintained with Pepsi Bottling Ventures and take any other appropriate steps to protect all other online accounts that use the same username, password or security question answer.