The Seattle Theatre Group (STG) recently used a cloud video surveillance to solve their surveillance and server management challenges. The solution helped STG streamline their video security infrastructure by being compatible with existing IP cameras and networks.

Like many theatres and event venues around the world, STG faces security challenges when thousands of people visit and leave the venue. In order to combat this, STG responded by implementing their first video surveillance solution and streamed video feed from two of the theatres back to a centralized server at the main theatre. However, problems arose when the dozens of feeds going over the VPN were plagued by network failures. This resulted in the deployment of dedicated servers at each site and tripling overhead management.

Initially, STG took a different approach to correct these problems before choosing the Arcules Unified Cloud Security Solution. "We evaluated a wide variety of big-name video surveillance services, but they were all so complex that it would have resulted in significant IT training and management," said Michael E. von Kempf, STG Computer and Information Systems Manager. "Ultimately, I chose [this solution] because they came to the table with a simplified approach. The service worked well with my existing cameras out of the box. It also supports a wide variety of vendors, so it was easy to visualize how they could help me grow in the future."

STG partnered with Washington-based security experts, Differential Networks, to deploy Arcules' platform with ease. By streamlining STG's existing solution free of charge, the solution enabled the organization to leverage their existing infrastructure. In total, 70 video channels allow von Kempf to easily monitor and manage all sites while saving more than 16 hours of server maintenance each month.

"The [platform] allows us to deliver highly reliable and scalable services to our customers like STG, while also enabling us to differentiate our business," said Matt Bode, President, Differential Networks. "As an integrator, [the solution] makes it simple for us to modernize our customer's video networks with ease."