Russell Bundy, Director of Security at the Leander Independent School District will conduct Security's free Solutions by Sector webinar on K-12 Security and how security leader in school positions can prepare for and emerge from situations of chaos that may happen. 

The webinar will take place January 21, 2021 at 2 pm Eastern. If you can't make the live date, sign up to be able to view the on demand version. 

Security professionals will learn how to adopt new rules when it comes to the security and safety of school environments. How do you, as s security leader, prepare for, and engage in, response to an attack at school whether it be a man or naturally made? Learn to conduct security audits and evaluate resources as a starting point to pinpoint areas of further focus as well as how to implement continuity plans before and during an event, as well as after an event occurs to get students back to class. 

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