Acquired Data Solutions (ADS) and science author Robin Stevens Payes announced a new book taking the program  they launched called MASTERY – a program that prepares teens for careers in STEM careers via science and storytelling-- to a new level. The book called, “Saving Time,” is the third and most recent book in their series used in MASTERY.

Called the “Edge of Yesterday” time travel series, these books focus specifically on empowering girls in STEM/STEAM learning, as the field continues to evolve into its latest form, STREAM, with the ‘R’ standing for ‘Reflection.’

In “Saving Time,” the author draws on her background in neuroscience and education to present STEM through play, discovery, character and creativity. The book follows STEMinista protagonist and GenZ representative, Charley Morton, as she travels back in time to Renaissance Italy and Leonardo da Vinci’s era. As with the Renaissance master, Charley’s adventure spotlights engineering, science, technology and arts. With Leonardo’s encouragement, the time traveler is bound for MASTERY.

The new book advances the philosophy of learning through story and aims to empower young readers to adopt a growth mindset rooted in creativity, resilience and curiosity. This is one example of programs, events and other campaigns aimed at filling the workforce gap in the future among, not only cybersecurity worldwide, but also science and engineering.

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