The Security 500 Sector report aims to give an analysis on where security roles and departments land in the enterprise. Here, you will see information about security budgets broken out by sector, along with whom security reports to and their geographic security responsibilities. In the Sector report, we also break security’s organizational responsibilities down to give a benchmark for other security professionals to see how their responsibilities line up with peers in their sector. For the full Sector report, including breakdown of organizational responsibilities by the 17 sectors we follow, visit


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1. Agriculture/Farming/Food Production

2. Banking/Financial Services

3. Diversified

4. E-Commerce

5. Education (K-12)

6. Education (University)

7. Government (Federal, State and Local)

8. Healthcare/Hospital/Medical Center

9. Hospitality/Hotels/Casino/Vacation Properties

10. Information Technology (Equipment, Software, Services)

11. Logistics/Warehousing/Distribution/Shipping

12. Manufacturing

13. Ports (Airports, Seaports, Etc.)

14. Real Estate/Property Management

15. Retail/Restaurant

16. Spectator Sports (Facilities, Leagues and Events)

17. Utilities (Energy, Electric, Gas, Nuclear, Oil, Water, Wastewater)