Honda's global operations have been hit with a ransomware attack. The company said earlier that the attack had affected operations at several facilities, as well as both customer service and financial services operations. 

A Honda spokesperson confirmed the attack with Forbes, "“Honda has experienced a cyberattack that has affected production operations at some U.S. plants. However, there is no current evidence of loss of personally identifiable information. We have resumed production in most plants and are currently working toward the return to production of our auto and engine plants in Ohio.”

According to Threatpost, "researchers have analyzed samples from the attack that were shared online on Monday, and have determined that it’s likely that the Snake ransomware is responsible for the hit. Snake was first publicized in January after being discovered and analyzed by MalwareHunterTeam and reverse-engineer Vitali Kremez. Researchers at Dragos also looked into the malware, which is written in the Go language, is heavily obfuscated, goes after ICS/SCADA environments, and tends to be highly targeted."