The Security Industry Association (SIA) is now accepting applications for the 2020 Denis R. Hebert Identity Management Scholarship. The program, presented in partnership with the Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin, will offer two $5,000 scholarships for SIA members to help further their education in the field of identity management.

The scholarship was named after Hebert, a member of SIA’s Board of Directors and immediate past chairman of the board, serving as chair from 2016 to 2018. Hebert also serves as president of Feenics Inc.

In 2018, SIA and its Board of Directors established the Denis R. Hebert Identity Management Scholarship program in recognition of the substantial subject matter expertise Hebert offered and continues to offer to SIA members. His input has helped businesses to interpret and influence identity management trends and achieve greater business success. As a member of the SIA Board of Directors and as SIA’s chairman of the board (2016-2018), Denis Hebert positively impacted SIA’s service to its members in the domain of identity management as evidenced through the development of many of its education, government relations and standards initiatives.

The program is designed to support the professional development goals of individual SIA members who specialize in identity management – a field involving the systematic control of access, authenticating users, securing assets and protecting privacy. Identity management encompasses many aspects of risk management, public policy, fraud prevention, privacy, data analysis, risk and governance, information technology and security.

Innovative advances in the creation, convergence and utilization of identity management security solutions which will help to mitigate current and future identity threats, protect the privacy of individuals and enterprises and secure critical assets. The scholarship funds must be used towards post-secondary education programs, including training courses, accredited college courses, certifications or other valid credentialing programs related to the field of identity management.