Crime rates are significantly higher in U.S. neighborhoods that surround theme parks, which are major tourist attractions, according to new research. 

The research team from the University of Texas at Dallas, U.S.; University of Central Florida, Orlando, U.S.; and Monash University, Melbourne, Australia examined crime rates near Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and found that crimes increased by 198 percent in neighborhoods within a mile of the park, which attracts over nine million visitors a year, says a news report

According to the news report, researchers say hotels, bars and restaurants attribute to this trend. In addition, crime rates increased by 19 percent in areas with just one of these 'attractors.'

"Theme park tourism stands to top record levels in successive years. These findings indicate the need for more active policing strategies, not only in the theme park areas but also in more distant neighborhoods under the influence of the theme park," says lead author Dr. Alex Piquero from the University of Texas at Dallas, says the report.