Hostinger Client passwords have been reset as a precautionary measure following a recent data breach, affecting a total of 14 million people. 

During this incident, an unauthorized third party gained access to Hostinger's internal system API, which is used to query the details about clients and accounts, one of which had access to hashed passwords and other non-financial data about customers.

The API database, which includes Client usernames, emails, hashed passwords, first names and IP addresses have been accessed by an unauthorized third party.

Hostinger says they have reset all client passwords as a precautionary security measure. "We use a cryptographic hash function to encrypt all our Client passwords. It is a one-way mathematical function that converts your password to a seemingly random sequence of characters. However, as per standard and precautionary security practices, we have reset all Hostinger Client login passwords. We have sent emails to all Hostinger Clients with further information regarding password reset," Hostinger says in a blog