G4S announced the launch of the Risk Operations Center (ROC) based out of its Jupiter, Fla., Americas headquarters with a redundant facility in Chelmsford, Mass.

The G4S ROC will merge enterprise security risk intelligence services with remote video monitoring. G4S analysts will provide a customized, multi-layered security intelligence program that enables customers to stay focused on their core, strategic business initiatives. The G4S ROC offers outsourced situational awareness, analyst services, crisis management and threat monitoring and provides flexibility to increase security resources when necessary, while minimizing capital expenditures. By providing services from one dedicated site, the G4S ROC decreases response time to quickly manage critical incidents and minimize business impact.

The G4S ROC will offer a suite of end-to-end corporate risk services including:

●     Global security operations center (GSOC) as a service

●     Intelligence as a service

●     Situational awareness monitoring & alerting

●     Security data analytics reporting

●     Remote video monitoring

●     Travel risk management

●     Global crisis management, 24/7 response


Robert Dodge, Executive Vice-President, G4S Corporate Risk Services, exclusively told Security magazine: "We have had an enormous amount of interest from legacy customers, in addition to other companies who may not want to make the financial investment that is required to build and operate a SOC. We also have interest from companies who want to outsource a few services, such as video and alarm monitoring."

The ROC will house 24 analysts per 24 hour shift, with capabilities to expand, if needed.

"Now is the right time to do this," Dodge adds. "We are incorporating cutting-edge technology with a highly trained labor pool with multiple language sets, and we are confident that we can help our clients to manage global risks."