The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released an educational video on UAS and Critical Infrastructure – Understanding the Risk

The video contains information on critical infrastructure security challenges associated with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). UAS are used across the US to support firefighting and search and rescue operations, monitor and assess critical infrastructure, provide disaster relief by transporting emergency medical supplies to remote locations and aid efforts to border security. UAS, however, can also be used in malicious schemes by terrorists, criminal organizations and by suspicious lone actors. 

The video discusses security measures that can be addressed to counteract the challenges of UAS, including: 

  • Researching and implementing legally approved counter-UAS technology.
  • Knowing the air domain around the facility and who has authority to take action to enhance security.
  • Contacting the FAA to consider UAS restrictions in close proximity to fixed site facilities.
  • Updating Emergency/Incident Action Plans to include UAS security and response strategies.
  • Building Federal, State and local partnerships for adaptation of best practices and information sharing.
  • Training employees. “If you see something, Say something™”
  • Reporting potential UAS threats to your local law enforcement agency.