ISS’ SecurOS™ UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) combines advanced software and hardware for under-vehicle surveillance and is natively developed with a number of ISS’ analytic patents and designed to integrate with ISS’ SecurOS v10 platform. SecurOS UVSS creates a database of high-resolution images of vehicle undercarriages and recognizes vehicle license plates, making it ideal for numerous venues where underground parking or structured parking facilities are utilized. Unlike makeshift under-vehicle surveillance deployments, the ISS SecurOS UVSS can monitor vehicles with high precision, and can be deployed virtually out of the box when interfaced with the ISS SecurOS VMS. Other differentiating features include: automatic vehicle presence detection; automatic comparison of a vehicle’s undercarriage image with reference images stored in the user’s database; simultaneous display of live and archived video from all cameras; built-in machine vision camera; corresponding ISS LPR/ANPR cameras; and interoperability with integrated security and access control systems, traffic lights, barriers, electronic displays and third-party systems. The SecurOS UVSS has a low energy consumption of only 30 watts and its platform weight is approximately 29lbs. 

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