North Carolina teachers who undergo specialized police training to carry firearms on campus would get a salary increase, under newly proposed school security legislation.

The School Security Act of 2019 would increase the salaries of teachers who underwent specialized police training to carry firearms on campus. The same bill was filed last year but didn't make it out of committee. Sen. Jerry Tillman, one of the new sponsors of Senate Bill 192, said that the climate has changed to give the legislation more support this year.

The bill’s two other primary sponsors are Republican senators Ralph Hise and Warren Daniel.

The News and Observer reports that the School Security Act would offer a five-percent salary increase to up to 3,000 teachers who complete the state’s training programs and become “teacher resource officers.” These teacher resource officers would have the same arrest powers on campus as a school resource officer.

The bill would also provide $9.3 million for the 2019-20 fiscal year to cover training and raises for teachers.

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