Video surveillance and facial recognition has led to recovery of a $1 million dollar painting, stolen from an art gallery in Moscow.

Kuindzhi’s 1908 “Ai Petri, Crimea” was stolen from Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery before police recovered it in a basement on the outskirts of the city, says a news report. The suspect, Denis Chuprikov, acknowledged the crime after police showed him surveillance video of the heist, which shows how a suspect casually lifts the painting off the wall and strolls past visitors.

According to a Business Standard report, 70 percent of crimes in Moscow are investigated using a video surveillance system. To date more than 100,000 entrances of apartment buildings, about 20,000 courtyards and over 3,500 public places have been equipped with cameras, it said.

The deployment of video analytics to automatically review what the cameras record, including facial recognition, began in Moscow last year.