Welcome to the 2018 Security 500 report, which includes the 2018 Security 500 rankings and sector reports. 


We’re also excited to provide data on security budgets – 67% of Security 500 respondents reported budget increases from 2017, in addition to data on where Security 500 Members report into within their enterprises, and a question that asked about the use of a security metrics program that defines productivity, value creation and cost avoidance.


The survey format included questions about some of the successes that enterprise security achieved in 2017. The answers were impressive, and included:

• Maintaining best in class standards and practices despite rapid growth in new lower cost locations while meeting new and existing regulatory expectations

• Mandatory Workplace Violence (WPV) and active shooter response (Run, Hide, Fight) training for all employees.

• We were not victims of terrorist activity and we kept our employees safe while traveling.

• Reduction of loss through solid prevention program that resulted in $6.2 million in loss prevention.


We also asked questions about the types of security technology that Security 500 members will employ in their enterprises in the future. Some of those responses:

• A drone detection system

• An Incident Response Program

• An enhanced vendor and third-party risk management program


The Top 10 Trends for 2018 include:

  1. Workplace Violence/Active Shooter
  2. Insider Threat
  3. Duty of Care/Employee Travel/Executive Protection
  4. Budget
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Theft
  7. Hiring and Training
  8. Security Technology Upgrades and Integration
  9. Business Continuity/Weather/Natural Disasters
  10. Global Expansion and Geopolitical Risks/Protests


You can learn more about this year’s report in the Security 500 webinar