Americans give North Korea the lowest favorable rating of 21 countries Gallup measured in its annual update of the public's views of foreign nations. Canada and Great Britain are at the top of the list.

Americans held slightly more positive views of North Korea in 2000, 2001 and 2002, with favorable ratings in the 23% to 31% range. North Korea has been at or near the bottom of this list since 2003.

Based on Americans' ratings, the 21 nations evaluated this year can fall into five groups: most favorable, favorable, mixed, unfavorable and most unfavorable.

  • North Korea is one of a group of five countries in the most unfavorable category -- along with Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Each of these countries has favorable ratings lower than 20% and unfavorable ratings above 70%.

  • The Palestinian Authority, Russia and Saudi Arabia fall into the unfavorable category, with Americans giving each significantly higher negative (between 65% and 70%) than positive (between 24% and 31%) ratings.

  • Egypt, China and Cuba get mixed reviews from the U.S. public. Each has a favorable rating in the low 50% range and unfavorable ratings in the mid- to high 40% range.

  • Americans are most positive about two of the nation's closest military and trade allies, with whom the U.S. has historical ties: Canada and Great Britain. Japan, France and Germany also are in the most favorable group, with more than four in five Americans rating them favorably.

  • India and Israel are in the favorable category this year, along with Taiwan, the Philippines and Mexico. All have favorable ratings between 64% and 74%.