The Senate approved legislation that would boost domestic travel security, among other security-related items. 

The 95-3 vote sends the measure to the House of Representatives, Reuters reported.

The bipartisan Senate measure includes doubling the number of transportation security teams with bomb-sniffing dogs at domestic airports, as well as stronger vetting of airport employees and increased security at check-in and baggage claim areas, reported Reuters

"Travelers are frustrated and this bill contains common-sense reforms to make travel safe and secure, and more passenger friendly," said  Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., who led the committee that drafted the bill.

According to USA Today, the bill includes provisions such as: 

  • Automatic refunds for fees or services that aren’t received, such as seat assignments, early boarding and carry-bags.
  • Refunds of baggage fees when luggage is lost or delayed six hours after arrival of a domestic flight and 12 hours after an international arrival. Airlines charged $2.8 billion in bag fees last year, according to the Transportation Department.
  • Airline notification to families when tickets are booked if seats aren’t adjacent.
  • A ban on cell-phone calls aboard planes in flight. A similar provision is in the House bill.
  • A review of how airlines provide information about delays or cancellations blamed on weather.  
  • Criminalize drone flights that interfere with occupied aircraft, with penalties up to life in prison for causing serious injury or death, under an amendment from  Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.  
  • Require airlines to install wire-mesh gates between the cockpit and seating area of new airliners, to provide a second barrier when pilots open the flight-deck door, under an amendment from Sens. Robert Casey, D-Pa., and  Patrick Toomey, R-Pa. A similar provision is in the House bill.
  • Double the number of  Transportation Security Administration teams from 30 to 60 that patrol airports away from checkpoints, such as around baggage claim or check-in desks.