Coalfire announced the expansion of its Cyber Risk Advisory services that are designed to assist enterprises as they guard against data breaches and improve their governance programs. Coalfire’s Cyber Risk Advisory services are holistically integrated with Coalfire’s compliance assessments, technical testing and monitoring and reporting services that provide an unbiased perspective into the overall health and vulnerability of an organization’s IT systems.

“As cybersecurity has become the top-of-mind concern for boardrooms and executive suites around the world, so has the challenge to develop tactics to meet current and emerging threats to protect corporate assets,” says Larry Jones, chairman and CEO of Coalfire. “There are a lot of investments being made in security technology at the tactical level, but little strategic work is being done to reduce overall cyber risk.”

Coalfire’s new suite of cyber risk services are aimed at the executive suite and board of directors to provide an industry-specific focus on the types of cyber threats inherent to their business, identifying and protecting the organizations most sensitive data and measuring and testing the effectiveness of such investments.

Coalfire’s expanded Cyber Risk Advisory services includes:

  • Cyber Risk Advisory– Identify and understand the risks inherent to the individual business
  • Cybersecurity Strategy– Build the organization, policies and technology to protect valuable corporate data
  • Incident Response– Contain and recover from cyber attacks quickly and efficiently
  • Cyber Risk Scorecard– Define ongoing metrics and review of effectiveness of security policies, procedures and investments.