A study by Dell examines enterprise security's impact on productivity including the mobile workforce and passwords.

Dell sponsored the July survey of 460 IT professionals and 301 full-time business users. According to the survey, keeping business secure is a top priority. But finding ways to do that can create a push-pull between enterprise security executives and general business users.

According to the survey, securtiy end users said that "My company’s security policies limit my productivity – and it’s getting more frustrating by the day." IT Security Managers said: "To protect our data and intellectual property, we need to lock down access to our resources."

Additional responses from the survey include:

Business Users: 

  • 91% said their productivity is negatively impacted by employer security measures
  • 92% are negatively impacted by the limits of their organization’s remote-access policies
  • More than 50% said changes in security measures have increased the day-to-day impact on their productivity in the last 18 months
  • 87% feel security standards are a higher priority than employee convenience

IT Security

  • 97% see the benefits of security that takes into account the context of the access request
  • 93% said that a lack of context-aware security causes challenges
  • Fewer than 29% of respondents have fully embraced a context-aware security approach
  • More than 60% say that the greatest barrier to delivering a context-aware security approach is lack of leadership awareness

Download the survey at: https://software.dell.com/whitepaper/get-the-balance-right-security-vs-user-productivity890533