A new report has found that women in information security in the UK typically earn more than their male counterparts.

The "Why women in security are being paid more" report, which is based on responses by recruitment agency BeecherMadden, found that women in the sector are earning up to 30 percent more than men, despite women nationally earning 19.7 percent less across all sectors.

The recruitment firm found that around 14 percent of information security workers are women, with this around the same level at CISO level, and indicated that most of these do not have a computer science degree or technical background. As a result, they said that women are well represented in consulting but less so in very technical roles.

The report said women are getting paid more because of better networking, communication skills and a broader background.

The recruitment agency believes that more can be done, especially at education level, and says that more training is needed generally for men and women. 

BeecherMadden suggests that companies could look to hire more women by using women in the recruitment process, consider their own working environment, and look to retain those already on the payroll by discussing maternity and flexi-time, as well as further working opportunities.

Women looking to progress should move jobs, even every 18 months to three years, and get a technical skillset where possible, while still playing to their own strengths. Men are encouraged to develop their softer skills, like communicating with the business.