ASIS International has published an updated and expanded new edition of Career Opportunities in Security. The 36-page booklet provides information of interest to anyone looking to learn more about the security industry, and it serves as a valuable resource to those considering a career is security management or wanting to further their existing industry careers, an ASIS press release says.

According to the release: “This booklet contains practical information for individuals seeking a security management position, pursuing a career change or transitioning from a career in law enforcement or the military. It outlines the prerequisites—for both entry-level management and mid-level management positions—for security jobs in 21 specialty fields, covering many industries and commercial sectors. This fourth edition includes details for six specialty fields as well as descriptions of other security specialties not listed in earlier versions and indicates the continued growth and expansion of the security profession.

“In addition, Career Opportunities in Security describes academic programs in security, security certifications, and details the most widely-recognized disciplines of physical security, information security, personnel security, information systems security, homeland security and critical infrastructure protection (CIP). 

“The booklet was created by the ASIS Academic Programs and Training Council and O. P. Norton Information Resources Center (ASIS Library), with input from many ASIS councils.”